More Chal Pancoast

In Chapter 11, Pancoast has provided some interesting history about advertising. For example, when this little book was written,

the oldest Free Publicity on record is–now where do you suppose? In the British Museum–where may be seen a sheet of papyrus found in the ruins of ancient Thebes, in Egypt, upon which appears the oldest “reader,” or free publicity, yet discovered. It publicized a reward for the returning of a runaway slave, and was written 3,000 years before the Christian era.

But my favorite so far is the following:

From the records of the “good old days” can be found many queer things in the way of public notices.

In a poster dated 1826 the school board of Lancaster, Ohio refused to permit the use of the school house for a debate as to where railroads were practical.

The letter read: “You are welcome to the school house to debate all proper questions in, but such things as railroads are impossibilities and rank infidelity; there is nothing in the word of God about them. If God designed that his intelligent creatures should travel the frightful speed of 15 miles an hour He would have clearly foretold it through His Holy Prophets. It is a device of Satan to lead immortal souls to hell.”

Just a look back at history and a good ‘giggle’  for your enjoyment!


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